How to Get a Credit Card for Bad Credit - No Deposit Instant Approval


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The pace of today's life is a way too fast, and we are trying not to lag behind. Instant food and drinks, instant photos and manicure – instant everything! People want things to be instant to save time. This is why banks are widely promoting instant approval credit cards. Applying for such a plastic, you can receive the approval in seconds! It is a fantastic offer for those who want to get a credit card as soon as possible. Isn't it great – you send an order and receive the bank's reply in a moment! But let's have a closer look at instant approval plastic cards.

- Are you eligible for an instant approval card?

This type of plastics was originally created for consumers with good and excellent credit. Nowadays, such reputable banks as <a href="" target="_blank">American Express</a> (known for focusing on applicants with good credit) present a range of products with instant approval implying low interest rates and appealing rewards. At the same time, there are instant approval cards for bad credit score on the market. First PREMIER bank, being among the leading issuers of credit for consumers with low score, has included instant decision to the features of the majority of its deals. 

So, whatever payment history you have, you will find a plastic with fast approval for your credit circumstances.

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- What is actually an instant approval?

Instant approval service became available when banks launched computer processing of credit card applications. After you send your application to the bank (after filling out the form at the bank's site), they make a query for your credit profile and evaluate it (with the help of a computer program). If you meet the requirements, the bank responds to you in the affirmative. All the steps take a few minutes only; that is why the service is called instant approval. Pay attention to the fact that instant approval does not imply instant delivery of the plastic. You will have to wait for the card to be delivered during a week or so.

- Do you need instant approval?

According to reviews some banks held, people like the idea of instant approval. That is why more and more banks include this kind of products in their offers. But let us think of the advantage of <a href="" target="_blank">instant approval</a>. Is it really so necessary to be instantly approved – i.e. to learn you will be given a card the same hour you filled out your application. In my personal opinion, this benefit can be great for those with bad credit: getting a fast approval, they would not have to worry and go on applying for plastics, in the hope of someone will approve them at last. Such behavior lowers the credit score. It should be pointed out that some banks can send the card numbers to the approved consumers before delivering the cards, but such service is not a common practice. 

Probably, the details described in this article will enable you to have a fresh look at instant approval cards and help you make the right credit card choice.

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